The most wonderful time of the year...

You know that seasonal depression stuff, this is about the time it strikes. In college I came down with this every year. The holidays are both the warmest and coldest period on the calendar. A time to see family which can be as stressful as it is comforting, and a time to be with those you love or to see others with people they love. Overall, it can add to a lot of anxiety with gifts to buy, travel, parties and decorating. I love all of this stuff more than I can say, but being away from home like I am, it's a little isolating no matter how many gifts I wrap or cookies I bake.

So here are some things that are cheering me up now while my SAD is kicking in. First, a cartoon a coworker showed me that is completely unrelated to the holidays. It's kind of a feel-good thing for when you are depressed.

My list of feel-good Christmas movies (along with some of my favorite clips from each):

A list of Christmas songs:
All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey (NOT Justin Beiber, that never should've been a thing)

I hope all of this helps you get through the season in some way. Remember, 2012 is a fresh start.

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  1. I only really care about the top items on both lists... I'm not a holiday person. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was featured in "Love Actually," which is the only reason I really care about it.

    This also sort of sums up my anti-Christmas music stance: http://xkcd.com/988/

    I prefer Christmas movies that aren't about Christmas: Die Hard and Eyes Wide Shut, in particular.


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