District 9 Sponsor

District 9 Sponsor

Let me explain why I only made a District 9 outfit. I identify with District 9 because I believe, if Panem was real, I would totally be from District 9. It's the grain district, and since I'm from Kansas, I feel like that fits. Therefore, I am loyal to District 9 even though they are really never mentioned in the books, that's OK. Also, isn't this District 9 shirt wicked? I kind of want it a lot.

Giles short cut out dress
£1,099 - farfetch.com

Christian louboutin shoes

L K Bennett metallic clutch
£195 - johnlewis.com

Vivienne Westwood clear jewelry
$430 - viviennewestwood.co.uk

Kate Spade hardware jewelry
$78 - katespade.com


  1. Where do your boobs go in that dress? I need a model to help me figure it out.

  2. I'm pretending like if I wore that and was in the Capitol it would just somehow work out. I have no clue, but it looks so cute anyway!


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