Happy Ending

I've decided to name all of my make-up looks after song titles that I relate to them. Today in Alabama it was 80 degrees, seriously, it was gorgeous. It felt like a beautiful Summer day. I created this look because it was just so nice. Now, however there are a tornadoes everywhere, so I am freaking out, but that's OK. Here's the look:

An easy pink look I made for the 80 degree weather earlier to... on Twitpic

There is Tease, a strong pink pigment shadow by Brazen (go to the banner on the right to check out their stuff) on my crease. Then, because Tease is so strong, I brushed my Millennium shadow by Brazen, the light, light pink color from my brow bone to my lashes. It blended the crease color a little. I didn't use any eyeliner because the color was enough to make my eyes pop. I did put black mascara on, however.

I started out by putting Brazen's high-def powder all over my face and then my own concealer. I put a cream pink blush on my cheeks and blended it toward my temples and then brushed my whole face with a bronzer.

I hope you try it out, it's a fun look.

Song Inspiration

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