Safe and Sound

My girl on fire make up look...that I actually wore to work t... on Twitpic

I created a special make up look for the premier of The Hunger Games, and the pictures just don't do it justice. Probably because I can never get the lighting right, but if you saw me in person, when I close my eyes, it does look like fire. It's actually wearable though. I know this because I wore it to work. I like to be able to wear, even outrageous colors, out in public. So it's noticeable but I'm not going to scare people away.

So, here's how I did it. I started off with my regular face routine. That's personal preference what concealer and stuff works for you and what you're comfortable working with. I then brused my bronzer with an angled brush toward my temples. The end for the face.

The eyes are the focus anyway. I put my Urban Decay primer over both lids, and put a little under my eye. Then I used a shadow brush to put a red pigment loose powder shadow all over my lids, yes ALL over my lids. I used Brazen's Cat Call personally. I think the Brazen color Fleet Street would also work well. I used a slightly smaller brush to brush an orange pigment loose powder in my crease. Actually, I put it in my crease and all the way around toward the inner corner of my eye. Think of this as building a rainbow of three different eyeshadow colors. So follow the curve of your red lid color all the way around. I used Brazen's Perfect 10, but Brazen's Frisky would be perfect. I then put Brazen's Pharaoh, a gold pigment loose powder on my brow bone and all the way from the brow bone to the inner corner of my eye - following the outside of the orange pigment. I also put it in a thin line under my eye. To finish off I put a very thin line of black eyeliner and finished off with black mascara.

I know the pictures suck, but in person this really does look good and is just striking enough. All of the shadows I used have sparkles in them and the gold is shiny and metallic. Perfect for the look of fire.

For my lips I put Revlon's Super Lustrous Matte lipstick in Really Red.

You're done! I sprayed my Urban Decay Dew Me finishing spray and was off to work. I can't stress enough that this does look cool. I also have China Glaze's Capitol Colours in Stone Cold on my fingers. It's a matte greyish black.

Did I mention if you want to get Brazen cosmetics you should click on the banner off to the right? Because you should totally do that.

Song Inspiration
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars

My girl on fire make up look...that I actually wore to work t... on Twitpic

One more, ps. I suck at taking pictures - on Twitpic

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