The Improvisation Collection

One of my oldest friends, Maggie, over at Improv on the Prairie asked me to create some outfits that could be worn to perform improv in. You know what I'm talking about, right? If you don't then try to remember back to that show Who's Line Is It Anyway. That's what improv is. Basically, it's a comedy show with multiple people in it.

Anyway, improv performers like to be comfortable and covered appropriately (I mean like, not too much cleavage, that can be distracting you know) while not wearing something too flashy. Actors never know what characters they will be playing or what they are going to be doing exactly, I mean, they could be rolling around the stage like a Pokemon or crawling on all fours like a sheep. Who knows. That's why it's called improv. So, outfits need to be easy-going and not the kind of shirt that requires you to stand a certain way for it to lay right. Also, they need to allow for that movement. Flat shoes are a must, and if you are going to be on stage, it's never really a good idea to wear white - it washes you out. Maggie's request was to create outfits that improvisers can wear (which was pretty much following the guidelines I've mentioned) that also look feminine and put-together.

Here they are! They would work for anything really - a day out shopping, a date, babysitting or a family gathering. Enjoy.

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