My birthday wish list

Here are things I will probably have to buy for myself with the money I hopefully get for my birthday.

1) A skirt and to blouses from the new Jason Wu collection for Target. I reeeeeeally want the pleated light blue skirt with the stripes on bottom, the red no-sleeve blouse and white blouse with the black bow at the collar. A lot. If I have to take my break from work early to get those when they hit the stores Sunday morning, I'll do it.

2) This beautiful stella & dot necklace. It's a gold arrow necklace, and for some reason I love it because it's so different. It's pretty expensive though, so that might never actually happen.

3) A Walmart and/or Target gift card. I spend way too much money both places. I mean I buy food at Walmart, what can you do?

4) Anything from Kate Spade. They have the cutest, simple jewelry. I especially love this bangle, and it matches the necklace. Granted, I do love the sailor knot jewelry a lot too, and the spade ones.

5) Anything from Mod Cloth.

6) Any bracelet...basically...from Kiel James Patrick. Really my favorites are the ones that are striped like ties, but they're bracelets, and the new ones with the anchors as clasps. This one is my favorite though.

7) A pet fox or a pet deer. Obviously I would want them as babies. What? That's not weird have you seen how adorable baby foxes and baby deer are? No? Well, check out that picture up there, I know right. So, adorable.

I'm sure I'll think of more things I'll never be able to afford or that are illegal to own.

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