MU vs. kU - the basketball showdown

I love a good college rivalry. I think it's fun having as close as a person will ever get to an arch-enemy epitomized in a college rivalry. Living in Alabama, I am on the front lines of the Bama-Auburn debates. I just came down here half a year ago, but even in my first weeks I was told that I must pick a side. I mean, I picked Alabama, roll tide, but I want to talk about my alma mater, the great University of Missouri.

Our rivalry between the University of Kansas is this disgusting display of pure hatred. I mean, it's kind of fun, but at times it's sad the depths we'll go to, just to affect the other team. There's kU's ever-not-funny "Muck Fizzou" shirts. Mizzou's Quantrill's raid shirts about burning Lawrence to the ground are always a talking point.

I have been to a couple of the football border wars when we played at Arrowhead Stadium in KC. I went to school in Kansas, so naturally a bunch of my friends went and graduated from kU. I was visiting Mizzou classmates on their tailgating side and my kU friends from high school in their tailgating area. The Mizzou fans ribbed my kU friends when we were in the black and gold side. You know little quips like, "Who dressed you today?" and so on. Then, when I entered Jayhawk territory I got an empty bottle of Burnett's thrown at me. Really? Does that seem equivalent to you?

Now we are set to play kU at Mizzou Arena and tempers are at an all time high, according to the Kansas City Star. New examples of rivalry madness are surfacing. There are rumors Mizzou fans were set to wear shirts that said "No Mom Tom" on them. This was in reference to one of the kU players mothers dieing last year. I bleed black and gold and I wouldn't condone this. Apparently, some think kU fans actually started this, and I hope to God they did. If a Mizzou fan started that I would be so disappointed. We need to started carrying our school with class. Let's not fall in line with that Bama fan that poisoned Auburn's super traditional trees, k? Fight hard for our school, be proud, some taunting is necessary, but that is obviously not a topic to laugh about. There are lines, we don't want to cross them and be the white trash, double-wide dwelling hick relatives getting too drunk and saying things that make everyone want to stick their head in the dirt like an ostrich, do we?

So, a kU fan has actually topped that.
Brendon Hudson tweeted this: "Dude I hope there's a school shooting at #Mizzou." @ColinJokisch
Well, bless your heart, Brendon. In what world is it OK to joke about school shootings? I know, you were probably being super frat and showing off by how witty your were, but that is way over the line. Sorry my school was upset by what you said, I guess we just care about human life more. Now tell me, who wants to try and defend this ignorant and completely disrespectful kid?

I don't care how kU conducts themselves once we're in the SEC. I would even love to see our rivalry continue once we're in different conferences. If kU wants to show their true colors like this, I guess we'll let them, but if anyone wants to call us uncultured bumpkins, you better look twice. MIZ.

Fight Tigers you will always win, proudly keep the colors flying skyward, in the end we'll win the victory, so Tigers fight for old Mizzou.

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