Cleaning Day

It's really only Cleaning Day for me because my parents are coming to see me for the first time in 4 months on Monday. Therefore, my apartment can't look like a disaster area. Honestly, it isn't too bad, but that probably comes from the fact that I have no furniture in my living room area and I sleep on an air mattress. Still, the mirrors need to be cleaned (Mom will notice) the bathroom definitely needs to be worked on a bit (Dad will notice) and the random mail I have had hanging around for 3 months should probably be tossed.

So, here are my few simple rules for cleaning.

  • Dust and do the mirrors first - This makes sense because then the dust is flying around and settling on the carpet and such.
  • Then vacuum/sweep/mop - Do what you gotta' do. I mean, I have all carpet basically. And in the kitchen I just use Clorox wipes to wipe the floor because the area is so small.
  • If you don't need a magazine or random newspapers throw them away - Are you really going to read it again or are you going to buy a newer one? If there's something there you want to save cut it out and throw the rest of it out.
  • Old food has to go - I mean old like a month passed its expiration or is growing its own colony
  • Wash the dishes - I know everyone hates it, but dishes attract flies and they get gross to look at
Do some laundry, too. I did mine last week, so I still have some time left. I let it get pretty bad this past time, like down to my last pair of underwear bad. It sucks, but think about that favorite shirt at the bottom of the basket, you could wear it again.

Oh, and if you have gnats like me, you might want to try to get rid of them. There's this little trick that I thought was really clever (has other cleaning tips, the fruit gnat thing is at the bottom of the page), but in reality, I don't want to know how many are in my apartment. For the record, it isn't my fault, it must be the climate and the area. I swear I don't leave food lying around.

Light some candles (be careful) to start making the place smell nice. You can always spray some Febreze for a quick fix.

Blast some music while your going, because I assume you are doing this in the middle of the day when your neighbors are gone, or else you are violating neighbor code by vacuuming way too early or way too late.

Cleaning Playlist

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  1. How I got rid of my fruit flies: cleaned the guinea pig cage


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