Journalist Fails

I don't even care how old these YouTube videos are, they are hilarious. As a journalist myself I find these absolutely awesome. Nothing better than seeing your brethren out there making fools of themselves in front of thousands of people. Some of my friends are doing broadcast around the country right now, and don't get me wrong, I don't want that to be them. But it would be kind of hilarious and I probably still laugh as I let them cry it out.

Disclaimer: Some of these anchors and such seem to be really cold about certain stories. This comes from every journalist hearing about a bunch of terrible things everyday. I'm guilty of this as well. So, they might be terrible human beings, but there are reasons why they aren't reacting like the common person would.

This in field reporter says, on TV, he just had a beer before doing his stand-up. Reminds me of Ron Burgandy, "I love scotch, scotchy scotch, scotch."

This reporter laughs as she is reading a story about a guy who chopped up his wife. She actually is losing it.

This is an awesome compilation of just ridiculous things anchors do, from misspeaking (Osama and Obama are the same right?) to April Fool's Jokes on air. Watch, it is priceless. Especially the Dalai Lama part.

An oldy but a goody. The worst sports caster ever.

Here's the reporter that goes ghetto in a split second during one of the takes.

I mean, there's always the stupendous Bed Intruder story and the Leprechaun news story both out of Alabama. I'd be surprised if you haven't seen them already. This witness' interview is actually out of my hometown of Kansas City. These stories make me embarrassed for my profession.

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