A Note To All Men

This is a note to all the men out there. I can't tell you how many friends I have that are wonderful, intelligent women that just feel like they'll never find a good man. I keep telling them, if terrible people can find mates I have no doubt they can find a mate, but that doesn't seem to make them feel any better.

Here's the thing, I know they'll find someone. But just to help it along a little, here's some advice for the men, and for being a better person all around.

Thought Catalog is a great site, and I highly recommend you check it out, for the most part, it's hilarious. They recently had the article, A Guide To Being A Southern Gentleman. This is everything you need to know to be a stand up guy that is worthy of the multitude of amazing, single women out there. Seriously, these are things you should be doing. This doesn't involve wearing a bow tie and sipping on mint juleps either. But if that's your thing, go for it.
Here's the run down of their advice with my opinions thrown in:
  • Have a job - or be working to get one, at least. Or an internship, just be a little driven
  • Have manners - please, thank you, hold doors open etc.
  • Be the escort - help people out when they need help, don't blow them off.
  • Use violence only when necessary - don't start drama, but stand up for yourself and others
  • Be willing (and able) to cook - this is such a turn-on, just fyi
  • Know your Bible - or be tolerant at least. Be open to other's opinions and know your own
  • Be well-rounded - try new things, experience things
  • Be good with kids - eventually women want them, don't be an ass around them
  • Don't kiss and tell - don't gossip, that makes women run away and you look like a douche
  • Be a man of your word - this is self-explanatory
  • Be able to dress yourself - again, a turn-on, groom yourself or who will ever consider talking to you?
  • Just dance - no one likes the guy who is too cool to dance. It doesn't matter how stupid you look, you'll appear to be a fun-loving guy, and everyone likes that.
These things really aren't too difficult. It may take time but if I were a man, I'd try to do them.

The "What Women Want" playlist

What women want in a man - Any Man of Mine - Shania Twain
What women want to hear from their man (especially if he's Southern) - Love Your Love the Most - Eric Church
If you're long distance - All My Loving - The Beatles
If you need to thank her for all she has done for you - God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton

I swear I listen to more than just country. But I firmly believe country songs have the best love lyrics.

So, take this advice to heart. It'll help in every aspect of life from friendships, to relationships, to dealings with your family.

Did I mention my boyfriend is originally from Georgia? Maybe I'm a little bias.


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