M-I-Z! S-E-C!

So speaking of me wanting to be a Southern belle, I am unbelievably excited for Mizzou to be in the SEC. If you are unaware, my wonderful Alma Mater is the University of Missouri, and up until today we were in the Big 12 conference.

Because I attended Mizzou when were in the Big 12, I have a small loyalty to them. But anyone who knows anything about college football knows the SEC is where you want to be. Alabama, LSU, Auburn, they're schools that are consistently dominant for the most part. And since I moved to Alabama I have seen first-hand what the football culture is like here. It's amazing.

I even have examples of my own experiences with SEC football lovers.
Once I was complaining about how disappointed I was that a sorority event I was helping with was going to last an hour longer than I thought and would cut into Mizzou's football game I was going to watch on TV with friends. The other advisers told me just to leave, explaining that I was in football country, and if I hadn't wanted to go watch it, that would be a problem.

When my boyfriend came to visit me he spotted a man and his two little sons practicing football in a field outside my apartment complex. They were little, little kids, and I never would've expected a dad back in Kansas to teach sons that tiny to play a specific position. But that is the norm here. It's a way of life. One of the other sorority advisers told me that people actually plan weddings around football games.

It isn't all about sundresses and bow ties, although I'm still confused about why people think those are bad things. It's just a cultural thing. Some people (granted it's a small amount of people) do wear those things at Mizzou. But even if no one did, that doesn't make our cultures incompatible. This blog refutes any claims that we "don't fit in." The SEC is diverse itself. It's all Southern, but each school is unique.

Granted there are the nay-sayers that think our football program will never improve enough to beat the football giants of the South, that we only did this for money, and that this was the stupidest thing we could have done. Yea, we probably did it for money, most schools would. Yea, we might get our ass kicked a little at first, but I have no doubt we'll improve. Hell, we beat Bear Bryant once.

Another great thing is that kU is so jealous. The school, and its fans, have made themselves look terrible by not letting us just leave gracefully. I am going to miss the Border War, I went to see the football games over Thanksgiving Weekend at neutral Arrowhead Stadium. I have so many friends that went to kU the rivalry has been a blast, I mean, Kansas and Missouri have been at odds since the Civil War. I even have respect for the school. But honestly, if they are going to act like this I'm not going to miss them.

So, welcome to the South, Mizzou. Now, I can actually attend games considering I live down here.

Memorize the words to the fight song, Tigers fans. Belt that Alma Mater. You'll need to know them to drown out the Crimson Tide, the other two Tiger mascot schools, Bourbon drinking Southern boys and Kentucky Derby-hat wearing girls in the South.

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