A comment on having an open mind: Musicals

A long time friend of mine from high school just told me to listen to a song. He has always been good about telling me to listen to songs he finds that he thinks are especially beautiful. This one happens to be from Bonnie & Clyde the new musical that started previews on Nov. 4. Personally, I've never heard of this musical.

First, I just want to let you know I used to live for live theater. I acted in plays and musicals, I loved going to see them. In college I directed skits for my sorority to fill the void.

But, I have plenty of friends that hate musicals and theater in general. They find them irritating (some can be), implausible (I mean, yea, people break out in song and dance spontaneously), or just boring (again, some are. I'm not going to name, names...Gypsy.) I don't begrudge these people at all. It's their opinion.

Really, I used to be the same way but with country music. I couldn't stand it. Three of my college roommates loved country, but we had an unspoken rule that I wouldn't play my emo music when they were in the room and they wouldn't play twangy country.

I absolutely love country now. It would be difficult for me to live in Alabama if it weren't for that. There are more country stations than anything else, but the point is, I only started liking it because my boyfriend would play it. It still took me a while to catch on. I was pretty opposed to it for a few months, but the more I had to listen to it, the more songs I remembered and the more I came to understand it wasn't just about losing your house, and your dog and your wife. I regret all that time before when my roommates and I could've been jamming to Dirks Bentley or Brad Paisley.

What I'm saying is, it pays to open up to new things. I've already said I think that country music has the most romantic and heartfelt lyrics. But musicals can have the most powerful lyrics if you listen to them. They have the ability to actually move you. If not the lyrics then the melody. It's even better live. And for those of you that love musicals, or even those who hate them but might want to try a little sampling here are a few songs from musicals that are absolutely gorgeous.

Ok, I picked kind of obscure songs. Fair warning.

A musical sampler

Everything You Ever - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (SPOILER ALERT: Don't watch this if you want to watch the movie and you haven't. It's the last song and will totally ruin the ending for you. )

"Dyin' ain't so bad, not if you both go together. Only when one's left behind does it get sad. But a short and lovin' life, that ain't so bad. I only hope to God that I go first, I couldn't live on memories I'm sorry, but I'm not that strong, there are some things in life you can't replace and love like our's don't happen twice. When all his days are through mine will be too. Cause' dyin' ain't so bad. not if you both go together only when you're left alone does it get sad, but a short and lovin' life that ain't so bad..."
- Bonnie & Clyde


  1. Bred in Mississippi and incarcerated in Alabama. I still hate country music.

  2. Fair enough. I'm glad I started liking it though. I can only find a few other stations that are any good at all.

  3. Hedwig & The Angry Inch - Origin Of Love

    This might not be the best song from this musical, but it's certainly the most academically accurate, and it becomes much more poignant when you see it in the context of the film, which is pretty devastating.

    Cabaret - If You Could See Her

    This one's just incredible, as are all Bob Fosse musicals. You should wait until it ends to get the full effect. Goodness, it gives me chills.

    Everybody Says I Love You - I'm Through With Love

    This one's worth it for many reasons... It's a Woody Allen musical where all the actors sing their own songs. Predictably charming and emotional.

    Dancer In The Dark - Scatterheart

    Wasn't sure which song to pick from this one. A noble experiment form one of my favorite directors. This movie should devastate you.


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