Happy Valentine's Day

The past weekend was really the time to go all out for V-Day. Tuesdays are kind of inconvenient days to stage a really romantic night out, especially if you or your special someone have work or class in the morning. I spent my birthday/ Valentine's weekend in Virginia with my sailor. Not that this has anything to do with my post, but it was fantastic besides how I forgot warm clothing and was cold the entire time. Virginia is indeed for lovers and that's why I haven't posted in a couple days.

Hints for the day, if you don't have a Valentine, that's OK. Things will still be fine, no worries. Mine is in Virginia so I understand that feeling. To make up for this I am bringing children's Valentine's for my coworkers. These are complete with hamburger erasers. That's right.

Also, I'm bringing cupcakes! Which is sad because today two people brought cupcakes in and tomorrow I think me and another coworker are. I mean, you can never have too many cupcakes. Right? Well, hopefully the work crew can choke down multiple tasty treats or we are going to have an insane surplus on our hands. The point was, you can bake treats! Baking things from boxes or scratch, it makes no difference really. And you can give them away, treats always make a person's day.

Send e-cards to friends. These tend to be funny and occupy time. They tend to be adorable and who doesn't like to get a nice little message in your email that isn't about work or a sale and a store that you don't need to go to.

Take your friends to a movie. The Vow is out, that's the most popular lovey movie to see. This Means War is more action packed and less tooth-decay inspiring. I'm sure other movies like The Iron Lady and such are still out. Go see whatever you want, entertainment is a nice escape.

Don't get too bummed out. I know Valentine's Day can seem a little too lonely and a little too harsh of a reminder that you aren't with your true love, but it should just be a reminder that romance exists. So, don't run from the heart-shaped pizza and donuts. If cowokers bring in desserts that are going to go straight to your thighs, dive in. Calories don't count on St. Valentine's Day, and anyway it's good to indulge every once in a while. V-Day is a decadent holiday with chocolate and wine, fancy dinners and jewelry. It doesn't have to be that way for everyone. Even a quiet night with Lady and the Tramp a bottle of wine and a pint of ice cream can be enough for a good night.

No worries, it's one day of the year, if it makes you too bitter, it'll be done and over with soon.

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