Valentine's Day gifts

I know that Valentine's Day can be an awkward time for people trying to give gifts. If you're new to a relationship you don't know what's acceptable to give. If you've been in one for a while you wonder what the other person expects, should you give something to your best friend?

I know these things are confusing, but it's kind of like Christmas but less of a big deal. If you have a significant other definitely get them something. Guys can't go wrong with flowers, chocolates or jewelry depending on the length of the relationship. Girls can't go wrong with baking treats and possibly something else. Guys are a mystery to me with gifts sometimes.

Homemade gifts are always good. You know, painted frames, a list of things you love about the person (try this craft), or maybe a nice old school mix tape. But you know it will have to be a CD because God knows none of us have the knowledge anymore of how to make that, and who knows if the recipient would even have a tape player? There's this one, a fabric love note in a frame, which looks a little too complicated for me. But on a similar note to that you could just get a frame, but lined paper in it, possibly decorate the frame a bit, and then use a dry erase marker to leave messages to each other on it. Get it? You'd write on the glass!

I'll give you a little example of a Valentine's Day CD I made for my parents. I themed it from the 60s because I remember my mom playing these songs on the radio. This could work as a theme for anyone. I mean, who wouldn't want a 90s love song CD? I'm sure everyone would appreciate that. Or if you have a friend that likes country...you could theme it by genre. I would want that CD, not going to lie.

Vintage Valentine's Playlist

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