Fashion: Express yourself

I have always loved to express myself through what I wear. Besides covering the bits of our bodies that obviously need covering, I feel like clothes are first and foremost way to let the world know who you are.

I wasn't always good at dressing myself. It actually took me quite a while to start wearing things that I think are acceptable. I love eclectic looks, things that are quite the norm, but still undeniably look good and even if they don't, the important thing is that the person wearing them feels confident.

In high school, the high fashion included North Face jackets and these really overpriced tiny backpacks by...Kate Spade possibly? At the time I was out of the loop. I ended up finally getting a North Face for my 18th birthday but in the interest of saving money my parents got me a child's large. Which, honestly, I still wore all the time, but after a year of college the sleeves being a couple inches too short was just a little too much to handle. But it went to good use, no worries. I do remember wearing high heels to high school sometimes with skirts, and I think I owned every color of blazer imaginable. Now I own almost every color of cardigan but I can't even believe I was wearing heels to school. I'm pretty proud of the blazers, those were different but I rocked them. I was a thespian, you see, it was almost expected. I mean, the year above me in school started a thing in the drama dept. called sweater vest day which was held once a month if that tells you anything about us.

I went through different phases of wanting to look like everyone else, to wanting to look kind of badass, with graphic hooded jackets with crazy patterns you'd find at Hot Topic, to plaid skirts, and then to sweats and running shorts. I'd like to say now I'm kind of a classy, hipster, Southern belle, indie-type of look and damn proud to be anything but a cookie cutter in that front, as everyone should be.

But, I digress, back to fashion. I've become increasingly adventurous with my outfits as I've grown-up. This really mostly started when I was graduating college and has been gaining steam since then. i just bought red pants the other day as an example. Even if you don't like shopping, putting together an outfit you're proud of and wearing something you feel great in is priceless. The outfits I have posted previously and will be posting are sets I put together on Polyvore.

I'm going to continue posting these ideas of outfits, and dear Lord, don't look at the prices of the clothing. These are just ideas, not real things normal people could ever afford. Anyway, you can usually find something that would work instead of the outrageous prices on here.

They are going to be themed as well, so that can always be fun. I figured I'd put modern twists on fairy tales for a start. I'm going to thank Disney Bound for that idea.


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