My obsession with make-up

I absolutely love make up. It's an issue, and I know how vain that is, but really it is so fun to play with. And even if you have complexion issues, like me, make up magically covers them up! That way, I can go around outside without people wondering if I've just hit puberty and without teenagers calling me pizza face. Seriously, it's that bad. But with make up I look normal!

I just became a Brazen Beauty, essentially me helping promote this awesome make up I stumbled upon. They have vegan make up and the colors are really interesting and unique, and I am pretty much in love with them. If you want to visit Brazen Cosmetics, click on the banner off to the right.

Right now, I'm totally obsessed with the tipsy glosses. They are so pretty and shiny and they are flavored like drinks. I'm completely in love with them. There's a Red Headed Slut flavored one, and it's the prettiest bright pink color that would be perfect for Spring into Summer. I have the La Femme gloss, it's really nice and smooth, not too thick and sticky.

Fierce + Flawless HD power is my favorite product right now to help cover the tiny, angry bumps on my face. Currently, I use it as a primer to even out my skin tone, but maybe someday I'll have a nice, smooth complexion and I'll get to use it as a finishing powder.

I think from now on I'm going to add a few make up tutorials to my blog as well. In college one of my favorite things was to do make up for my sorority sisters. I like how make up can make people look a little different and boost confidence. If you're a make up doubter and think I'm being shallow here, I totally understand and in my defense I didn't really start doing make up until high school and I definitely wasn't into doing hard core doing it until college. I'm not one of those people that thinks Toddlers and Tiaras make up is a good idea.

Also, if anyone wants any tips on techniques, let me know! Off to the right there you can find some of my favorite blogs. Productista reviews different...well products, this includes make up, I highly recommend checking her blog out if you're looking for some advice on which stuff to pick up.

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