I'm turning 23...yikes

In two weeks, I will be 23 years old. That sounds very young when I apply it to people that aren't me. I've been alive for two decades plus three years. I was born in the 80s, was around for the entire 90s and the dawn of the 2000s. I survived Y2k. Y2k, for God's sake, and now we're heading into what could be the end of the world, or where the Mayans ran out of space ... or just got bored.

I'm constantly getting confused for a college student, which is nice because it makes me feel like I look youthful, granted I graduated less than a year ago, but it gets old telling people that I actually have a real job, and a real apartment and real bills. The thing I'm most sick of is getting ID'd at bars. I've been 21 for 2 years now, and yes that is me, I know my hair is a different color now, do you want my social security card, too?

In the future, when they stop asking for my ID, I'm going to be embarrassed and invest in ridiculous creams for crow's feet and laugh lines. But, for real, I already have wrinkle creams and makeup that won't settle in the lines on my 22-year-old face. What is this world coming to, right? It's those air brushed models, but I digress.

Having not even reached my mid-twenties yet, I understand that this portion of my life is for self-discovery. I need to find who I am and start to understand her and be happy with her.
As we can discern from my previous statement, I haven't done this yet, what with the wrinkle creams and all.

In the past year since I graduated from college I've made sweeping improvements but I'm just not there yet. I don't know where I want to go, what I want to do and what I ultimate want out of my life. And as often as this makes me feel crazy, I know there are so many of you out there wondering the same thing.

If I can give those that are younger than me a little advice I'd just say, give it time. As much as you want to understand things, you just won't be ready yet. Eventually things will click. Don't worry too much. Just keep doing the things you love, and try your best.

To those older than me, I'm sorry if this all offends you. I'm sure you're thinking "What does she know, she's still a baby." You'd be correct and I am thoroughly open to you giving me free advice. Seriously, there's nothing like learning from other's mistakes.

And to everyone: Don't stop acting immature. I'm not saying stop paying your bills and run away to the circus. I'm just saying, a little immature fun is what keeps us going. Pulling out that Disney movie you love when your sick is the best medicine. Whipping out that *NSYNC CD to jam to some "No Strings Attached" is completely worth the risk of someone seeing you.

I'm thoroughly planning on going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with my girl friends next year for my 24th birthday. So, Peter Pan it up, in the non-creepy way. It's the best advice a 22-going-on-23-year-old can give.

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